AML Clinical Workshop

AML Clinical Workshop

Acute Myeloid Leukemia remains a difficult to treat disease. Leukemic stem cells are instrumental for disease pathogenesis.

Stemness features also play a crucial role for therapy resistance and relapse.

Novel approaches to target leukemic stem cells and to overcome therapy resistance connect basic science and clinicians.

In this workshop, we are going to discuss the most recent developments in the translation of basic concepts into clinical applications for and treatment of AML.

Confirmed Speakers

Scott Armstrong

Boston, USA

Lars Bullinger

Berlin, Germany

Benjamin L. Ebert

Boston, USA

Anne-Kathrin Eisfeld

Columbus, USA

Catriona Jamieson

San Diego, USA

Ross Levine

New York, USA

Markus Manz

Zurich, Switzerland

Dan Pollyea

Denver, USA

Paresh Vyas

Oxford, UK